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  Welcome to the Paintings Store
Were you can buy Dr Bob's latest paintings.

Please contact Dr Bob via email
or call 504 945-2225. 

All pictures are different sizes. 
If you are interested in any of these paintings,
and it has already been sold, Dr. Bob will paint one
for YOU. No, it won't be an exact copy, but he
aims to please. Price is determined by size and 
level of detail. Click on thumbnail for larger image.

BarasBait.jpg (94593 bytes)

BoatsBaitsBullets.jpg (92417 bytes)

BrickHouse.jpg (71124 bytes)

CatonRoof.jpg (78512 bytes)

ChalmetteFirehouse.jpg (66413 bytes)

CityScape.jpg (81273 bytes)

ColdDrink5.jpg (101605 bytes)

CrabbyJacks.jpg (92356 bytes)

Effie'sLounge.jpg (72818 bytes)

FullMoon.jpg (87786 bytes)

HitnRun.jpg (95316 bytes) 

 BoatsontheBayou.jpg (100004 bytes)

 HogsBar.jpg (84336 bytes)

 LadyLuck.jpg (83196 bytes)

 Pairadice.jpg (84906 bytes)

 PinkPony.jpg (105496 bytes)

 PropStop.jpg (72762 bytes)

VooDooBarBQ.jpg (111406 bytes) 

 AfroHut.jpg (81463 bytes)

 Bar_B_Q.jpg (96783 bytes)



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Please contact Dr Bob via email
or call 504 945-2225 with the picture number.

If you have any questions, please email Dr Bob.

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